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This will be a course focusing on strong fundamental missions, principles, and exercises to 
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Become Socially Comfortable

The first step in pick up training, learn the basics of being able to approach and converse with strangers with some simple exercises that help you become confident and comfortable when speaking with unfamiliar people. This is the first step to building self-esteem and understanding social dynamics that will be useful when speaking to women.

Positive Thinking for Positive Results

Positive thinking is one of the most powerful and important aspects in all walks of life, not just in the pickup world. Mars provides you with powerful, life-changing insights on how to transition your mind into thinking positively, opening the doors of success with daily life, work and learning how to attract women.

Staying in Set

When learning how to pickup women, staying in set is something that most men don’t understand or master, leading to awkward pauses and moments of silence. You will learn how to keep the natural flow of a conversation, which topics are best to discuss to keep a woman engaged and other speaking techniques that will captivate any woman.

Leading and Suggesting

Once you have mastered the art of conversation, it’s time to move things forward. Mars teaches you when, where and how to properly make a suggestion about the next step in a way that is both comfortable and enticing to the woman.

Setting Up the Date

Understand how to properly set up a date by choosing the right location, time and activity that will maximize your chances of having a successful date. Mars gives you a variety of dating advice surrounding the planning that goes into a date that will create a romantic and seductive atmosphere.

Bonus Dating Tips for Men

Mars will continue to share a wide range of useful methods for attracting women including how to get a number, retaining relationships and everything else you need to know about how to attract a woman. The powerful pickup training tips will help you master the art of attraction and have you exceeding your dating goals.


The founder and executive instructor at Attraction By Science. He's an entrepreneur, writer, and blogger. Most importantly though, he's a highly skilled social dynamic expert, relationship guru, and dating coach based out of Toronto, Ontario. His aim is to help men become the masters of their universe and create a life of abundance, freedom and adventure.  

For the past five years he's been helping men, not only in Canada but around the world, get better at maintaining and creating relationships with the women in their lives. His methods have been proven and documented countless times for the public to witness.